Tax Refunds

Tax Refunds Planning and Compliance Services

Tax Refunds

Information regarding taxation has significant impact on refunds. An ill-informed tax decision could hurt the benefits of the investor and ultimately the tax burden. Filing for tax is not only about right calculation of tax, it requires compliance with several regulatory tax provisions too. Staying abreast with the changes and modifications in tax law and subsequent practice provides an important economic benefit. This takes compliance with the practices, man power, sound technical information and mostly adds up to the cost of tax overhead. The practice is cumbersome and time-consuming. To counter this effectively, we are providing a full range of tax services to all forms of business, in shape of compliance assistance and advisory services.

Our corporate taxation package comes with a variety of services that covers:

Personal Taxation.

Corporate Taxation.

Advisory services to determine taxability, tax category, tax exemptions (if any) and withholding tax matters.

Compliance services for tax returns and refunds

Representation on company's behalf before court

Representation before FBR/ SBR

Representation before relevant tax authorities and different forums.

Industry focused solutions for Private and Public Clients

Businesses today function in a very challenging and ever-changing environment. Corporations now have an increased burden resulting from the convergence of various forces taking up the number of tax audits, audit assessments and disputes over tax refunds.

Fiscal demands now pressurize government to increase revenue by broadening the tax bases. On the flip side, companies are struggling with rigid regulations, heavy penalties, disclosure and transparency issues. There is an overwhelming surge in tax disputes and audits. This has affected all the tax phenomenon, including customs, white collar tax issues, tax frauds and others. This puts an emphasis on the dispute prevention measures to ensure the taxes are paid in accordance to the law. To get the best out of this the companies need to adopt coordinated audit and tax approaches to ensure the due payment of taxes. ATD tax Consultants assist corporations and private business owners to manage their tax refunds efficiently preventing the unduly payments of tax. We have specialized personnel to guide you in every area of tax. Our unparalleled services come from the sound understanding of technical rules and regulations, understanding of local laws and practices, tax litigation experience, our relationship with government tax officials and a tailored perspective for all of our clients.

How can we help you?

The team of professionals at ATD provides comprehensive tax refund solutions for you to manage your tax returns, tax refunds, tax disputes, audits, controversies and tax examination. We can help you with:

Management of tax audit practices

Strategic planning of Tax returns, Refunds, Audits and Disputes.

Analysis and disclosure of Tax returns

Resolution of tax disputes

Our Premium Customer Care

The objective of our services is to help your business flourish by making it more profitable and successful. We have solutions to all your tax needs, whether you have a small, newly build business set up or well-running corporation, trustworthy and sound tax advice is essential ingredient for your service. We understand how important peace of mind is for our clients and we take pride in our services that can take care of all your tax needs. Your investment in our service will allow you more time to focus on your business. With our stellar and uncompromised customer service we will back up your tax refunds. With us you can expect a specialized treatment with honest and careful advisory services.

Our superior tax compliance and tax refund services make a significant difference.

We have uncompromised standards of customer care and personal service to back up your business offerings. We treat every business as our own and our clients as our partners. With us you can expect timely compliance and information about developments in your tax refund process.

Tax Refund Consultancy

Tax laws can be confusing and at times very difficult to understand. We can do what your business could be striving to do for years.

Our specialized Tax Refund Consultants are the best to track your flaws causing you to pay extra money in your returns. By an in-depth analysis of your previous tax files we help you discover the lost money. With our proactive approach we ensure such over payments of tax in the future, also assist in claiming the unduly past paid tax returns.

This performance driven approach helps our clients to ensure that there is no valuable money being overpaid to tax. We take high responsibility to not only find saving opportunities for your business, but also, to discover and refund the excessive amounts previously paid.

Our fees for these services are based on the recovery of such opportunities, if there's no undue payment, your payment is exempted.

We take care of recovering your overlooked opportunities of tax refunds and efficiently manage the process without any help from your accounting department. At ATD, our motto is to save your business money by identification of your accurate tax return and help getting any excess paid tax money back.

Businesses overpay tax without even realizing.

There is a probability that your business may be due a tax refund. Our extensive experience in tax appeal offers insights to reduce your overly stated income or property tax. Our three decades of experience show the better understanding of the Tax laws and guidelines. This helps us to navigate the intimidating process of the tax appeal in your favor.

We have experts who can give you an instant tax refund estimation. They take out the confusion pertaining to tax issues and ensure you get your owned money back. You can get your taxes lowered now and get maximum tax refunds.

Benefit from our 30+ years of excellence in service and talk to our Tax Consultant now. Call today at (Add Number) for a review of your tax returns.

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