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Today’s competitive landscape emphasises the use of prudent financial planning and management modules for a profitable and sustained growth. A well-orchestrated comprehensive financial solution synchronizes profitable growth, automated and simplified reconciliation of accounts, better pricing and regulatory compliance to fine perfection.

Hence a sound accounting model to access the financial at any given time are integral to strategic decision making and a better control on financial information. ATD has customisable options for all your Financial and Accounting needs that enable to track financial accounting data along with a chart of accounts and allows management of company-wide business processes through shared reporting tools and database.

Automation of financial management is critical for a successful business. ATD’s Accounting and Financial software modules delegate you control over all the financial interfaces between the company and its vendors acting as a hub of coordination and a management tool.

Our highly tailored and stoutly built Financial module comes with the flexibility to be deployed across various industries and works independent of other operation and management related modules. They are sole performers and can be deployed as a standalone solution for all your comprehensive financial needs with seamless integration of business processes with built in applications and processes.

ATD’s Financial Module Feature Highlights

Comprehensive and Robust: Highly configurable software for Accounting, Finance, Risk Management and Governance.

Intelligent and Efficient: Smart choice for taking intelligent and informed decisions for strategic management of financials.

Agile: Can be installed as a single solution or can be synced with other Suites and modules.

Scalable: With a little configuration the module can be used by mid to small and large size enterprises.

Payroll Modules

Payroll preparation and tracking done in-house can turn out to be a time consuming and tedious task. The manual process of maintaining the details for audit tracks, accruals such as sick leaves and vacations and assurance of reporting criteria can be overwhelming and adds to overall management cost. All this can be done in less time, with more accuracy by automating the process with ATD’s Payroll module.

ATD’s Payroll Module software turns the process into an easy, insightful and rewarding experience for everyone. Our payroll software comes with colored graphs to present different overheads to define deductions, taxes and the take-home pay. It also features a series of handy simulation tools for managing payroll, empowering quick calculations of net and gross salaries, deductions, maintenance of wage history and much more in just a click. We make payroll a rewarding process and positive experience so you can focus on parts of the business that needs you the most.

ATD’s Payroll Module Feature Highlights

Easy Configuration: Can be easily integrated with our other supporting financial and accounting modules.

Extended Support: Track vacations and other accruals, support over time, advances, holiday pay and miscellaneous charges.

Efficient: Maintains users and employees profiles, categories and manages bonuses, benefits and deductions accordingly.

Reporting: Records and maintains the history of wages, benefits and useful to track changes for audit purposes.

Inventory Module

Our Inventory Management Software provides you with necessary control over the management of your assets, highlighting the opportunities to reduce pilferage and wastage. All this comes with built in reporting tools which examines the transaction database in a detailed manner to take critical management decisions. It can be easily integrated with our financial and other accounting modules to automate and facilitate bookkeeping.

This leading inventory software is designed to meet the requirements of small to medium size companies and is an easy to use, robust and intuitive inventory management software including customer management, inventory management and vendor management. It allows you to manage assets and inventory across your company. It helps moving inventory across different departments and locations, track vendors, and alerts about low stock for optimized inventory management. It tracks and scans QR codes and barcodes before any massive action and transfer of inventory for better management.

Our software records the details of items in stock and notifies when the stock runs short or drops a significant level. It records everything in a clean manner to facilitate the staff in locating any item with ease and comfort. Additionally, we have Purchase Modules that maintains records of purchases and stocks from suppliers. Inventory can be stocked at warehouse or any location by the company and our module software will enable functionality to track the transfer of stock across any department or location. So, your transfer operations become transparent and easy showing the availability of stock levels at all.

ATD’s Inventory Module Feature Highlights

Stock Alerts: Update the sales department when the stock is due and what stock is available.

Efficient: Informs about what non-moving stock is occupying space in the warehouse and how efficiently it can be used.

Intelligent: Holds stock to an optimal level, ensuring vital capital and maximizing business potential.

Sales Module

Sales are vital for all businesses. The distribution of the product is the heart of the whole process of sales. ATD’s specialized Sales Module Software features entering and processing of sales orders simultaneously supervising the consigned inventory and the physical distribution of goods. It provides the information necessary to stay ahead of the competition in today’s fast pace environment by recording each sales order and maintaining a tally of on-order and individual queries. It automates the calculation of cost of goods sold of the goods shipped and maintains record of credits and returns, and period statements showing each transaction and its effect on inventory. The basic features of our sales module enable the order placement, shipping, order invoicing and scheduling including sales order and quotation, sales invoice, delivery note, debit note and sales respective matters.

ATD’s Sales Module Features Highlights

Robust system: Has a detailed overview of all the terms and conditions and additional details of the sales order.

Highly customisable: Supplementary sales invoices can be created at any point to accommodate change of rate after authorization.

Alerts: The module alerts in case of unavailability of stock for sales.

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