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Welcome to ATD Tax Consultants- The Best Income Tax Consultant in Karachi with

Certified and licensed Tax Associates

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Qualified Tax Consultants for comprehensive deductions

Why ATD?

Established way back in 1979, ATD is a trusted Income Tax Consultant Service providing comprehensive and one-stop Income Tax solutions from mid to executive level corporate class and business individuals in Pakistan. With an extensive experience, our top-notch consultants have solutions for all your tax needs.

Our inevitably genius Income Tax Company has solutions that stem from the sharp minds of ATD's experienced associates and a wide array of our clientele. From lawyers to businessmen to private investors, be it anyone under tax scale, our innovative and customized solutions give you an edge when filing for income tax returns.

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When it comes to Income tax or capital gains ATD assures appropriate amounts of income taxes. We do accommodate unduly paid tax returns, on special request.

ATD Income Tax agents are licensed and professionals Income Tax Lawyers in Karachi that offer a customized and easy approach to taxation. Our practicing associates have the finesse on financial planning, commercial law and income tax return in Pakistan. This helps our clients reach their wealth management goals without falling in the gray area.

We have registered Income Tax Lawyers in Karachi serving corporate and individual level banking on our 3 decades of experience in the industry assisting Traders, Private and Public Limited Companies and Individuals for lodging tax returns.

How we operate?

Filing of Income Tax in Pakistan seems an industrious task. But not anymore, our professionals take the hassle for you, from the careful collection of your business data and personal information to checking your subsequent tax category to the preparation of income tax return and provision of useful tax tips.

Dedication to Work

It doesn’t matter how big or small our client company is. Our client management dictates us to approach them all with the same dedication and enthusiasm. We love our clients and are dedicated to the services we promise to them. We have friendly and approachable consultants to encourage honest and open discussions.

Our Approach

Personalized Solutions

Every individual or business earning income over a stated scale is liable to file an Income Tax Return

Understanding the fact that every individual and organization is unique with varying set of opportunities and challenges, we present a solution that is tailored according to your personal and business needs. We assure all of our clients get specialized and satisfactory tax help while avoiding cookie cutter advice.

Solution Communication

Our communication with our clients is clear and succinct. We don't overwhelm with excessive information or tax jargons. We tell everything our clients’ needs to know before filing for the income tax in Pakistan.

Why choose us?

As one of the leading Income Tax consultants in Pakistan we are well aware how individuals and corporations view Income tax. Preparing and lodging for Income tax returns in Pakistan can be cumbersome and exhausting. That’s why we have brought a team of Income Tax Consultants in Pakistan to support your financial obligations optimizing your profitability and cutting down the tax liabilities. We work closely with our clients to help them leverage from opportunities and achieve their financial goals. Trusting us with your tax needs and income tax returns assures you the worthy attention, advice and expertise. Your experience with us will change your outlook about tax.

Upfront Pricing

We have an upfront pricing scheme. We tell how much the filing and consultation process cost to our client right before we take up the process.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Contented clients are our foremost concern. At any point if you are not sure about our services, you can withdraw before the tax return preparation, by requesting us to stop the proceeding with your returns and you are not liable to pay any fees to us.

Guaranteed Refunds

We find the best tax category for you to help you save more. We structure your business to minimize tax risks complying all the rules applicable to your business. If any error in filing process is discovered from our end, we refund the fee for the return.

Audit Assistance

Our prestigious Income Tax service in Karachi is not limited to the preparation of your income tax return. As our esteemed client, we respond to all your income tax return queries afterwards. This includes assisting in the audits carried later on to explain why a specific was category was picked for you and how your income tax return was prepared. We provide the facility of reassessment of returns. The additional services of research, appeals and analysis are billed separately.

Licensed Income Tax Consultant Service

With us you get the tax help from a registered Income Tax lawyer in Karachi who makes sure you get all the financial deductions and rebates you are entitled to.

Year Long Support

We are more than regular Income tax Company and accommodate yearlong support to our clients with complicated provisions of filings, tax saving tips, amendment and other tax needs.

Legal assistance

Our advisors will assist you for responding to government queries and requests, but not act as the company's official legal representatives.

Trained staff

For us, all our clients are entitled to the top level of services from us. We have the best Income Tax Consultants in Karachi who went through rigorous training programs so as to facilitate you with maximum tax savings. They assume high responsibility to help you get all the incentives from the rebates and tax deductions applicable to your business category.


This is the least used facility by our clients. Although mistakes are a rare phenomenon at ATD, any error found for inaccurate return and accounts for any additional payments to our clients, is reimbursed by us. Our quality standards, investigate each ease with intricacy and such cases are nearly never reported.

Take informed tax decisions for your returns.

Drop by today and talk to our Income Tax Consultants to see for yourself what we can do for you and your tax returns. Let's slay the tax insomnia with optimized tax refunds and our tailored solutions to all your tax needs.

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