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Is your business struggling with Sales Tax Return compliance? Does your accounting department find sales tax calculation overwhelming?

Let ATD Help You

Calculating accurate sales tax returns and lodging for returns have always been an important concern for small and big businesses alike. In absence of proper sales tax consultancy, you can miss the discounts available for timely filing and can be subject to increased penalties and frequent rounds of sales tax audits. Since 1979 our Sales Tax Consultants in Karachi have been helping our clients to mitigate the risks of untimely and inaccurate sales tax return by providing best tax consultancy in Pakistan. We are a preferred choice of our customers for the following features:

Courteous and personalized service.

Understanding of complicated Local and State Level Sales Tax rules.

Processing, filing returns and remittances- all done in a timely manner.

Provision of guidance and cost-effective measures to your in-house business sales staff.

Correspondence with taxing authorities on your behalf.

Your Service is Our Passion

ATD consultants are home to the best Tax Consultants in Karachi running with a passion to serve. We don't go by saying, "We care for our clients." We surely do and it's reflected through our services. We have built an expert team of audit and Sales Tax advisors in Karachi to provide service round the clock and tailored support to our clients' needs and wants. By working with us you get a dedicated tax consultant for your business helping to aggressively pursue your sales tax returns and refunds in time.

To assist in proper budgeting for the tax liabilities, we offer consulting and advisory services to businesses and corporate individuals to monitor their growth and maximize the yearly income. The awareness about your sales tax refund and tax form can bring significant remarkable benefits to your company's financial standing. The involvement of advisor's help reduces any errors in the process to cut down penalty costs and score associated benefits.

Sales Tax in Recent Times

Sales tax in Pakistan has evolved over the years and solid regulations have been imposed by the government authorities. Our consultants professionally prepare the sales tax return for your business with their distinctive tax planning strategies. Our Tax Consultants in Karachi know the sales tax since they have been offering tax refund services and sales tax return services over a decade to local companies. We offer expansive tax refund services and consultancy services to tax leaders and financial heads to understand complicated issues, craft strategies, assess and evaluate alternatives with our trained tax teams. So, whether it's an impending tax issue, a pressing audit need or a sales tax compliance query you can get all the answers, insights and guidance from our professionals.

Businesses – especially big ones, have a constant need for tax return services. Often corporates and firms have a hard time as they don’t support the infrastructure, experience and expertise that provides an insightful compliance of sales tax rules. As a result, these sales tax returns and sales tax refund are outsourced, including general consulting and the process of tax return preparation. Our highly proficient Tax Advisors in Karachi can help you by offering personalized expert tax advice to you.

We recognize that regular consulting services might not suffice in few cases. For specific sales tax issues, handling of reconciliation issues or any other case our duly diligent tax advisors are always ready to serve.

Thanks to our experience that helps us to offer tax advice to business sectors tailored according to their requirements. Our tax optimization services help to structure your business in a way that ensures guaranteed minimized tax liabilities. We develop strategic tax planning based on your wealth objectives, making sure you avail all the tax benefits applied to you.

We visit and correspond with Tax officials at FBR on your behalf whenever needed. This keeps the submission and filing process fast, fosters our relationship with our clients by keeping them aware of the system changes and ongoing filing process.

Our services include:

Tax returns form- review, preparation and lodging of annual sales tax returns.

Tax consulting- Registration for provisional tax.

Tax planning- Advice and strategic Tax planning.

Advice on tax saving and Tax Assessments- compliance of all legislations applied.

Tax Assessment- optimized incentives available according to tax category.

Support and Assistance in Specialized Tax Tribunals- dispute resolution to resolve objections, if any, on assessments.

The task of maintaining accurate tax returns is complex and expensive. We understand how tax rated transactions can stress, even the best of in house sales department. Our sales tax advisors oversee the whole process of assessing taxable income and determining tax liability with appropriate reporting and payment history. We securely import all the transaction records of our clients to identify their tax status and taxability.

Who do we cater?

We entertain the preparations and Lodgements to

Some Traders



Companies (Private and Public Limited)

Individuals (Lawyers, Bankers, Doctors, Engineers)


Strategic Planning of your Sales Tax

Assessing the tax form and understanding the applicable income tax laws is a daunting task for any business. Once there is a grasp of the applicable laws for the business, a process is to be created to stay compliant with the rules. Since taxing relates to every department in any firm, a visionary transaction tax function creation might be exhausting.

We work closely with your sales team to understand the processes outside your tax department, but are an integral part of the sales. With our tax compliance function, we assist you to choose your tax category, according to your company's overall profile and vision.

Deciding who is worthy to trust in your tax affairs and financial matters have always been a hard decision and we are proud to have served more than 250 of clients who trusted us with their tax affairs.

Our Tax Advisors in Karachi have built us a reputation of excellence with their trusted and friendly accounting and taxing services. Try us today by dropping in or giving us a call to get an expert opinion for your tax issues and see for yourself why we are the most favorite Tax Consultants in Karachi.

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